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Rolls FS Series

Rolls Battery launched their 6V & 12V FS Series batteries in order to meet the ever increasing demand placed on batteries in today's tough markets where reliability is paramount. The new plate design, with a larger surface area and higher density paste, provides increased performance for high current applications. Powerful and dependable, these popular models provide ample power to meet your deep cycle, marine and leisure requirements.

Rolls 12-FS-85

£149.56 inc VAT

Rolls 12-FS-80

£160.93 inc VAT

Rolls 12-FS-105

£174.30 inc VAT

Rolls 12-FS-120

£186.40 inc VAT

Rolls 6-FS-220

£194.09 inc VAT

Rolls 6-FS-250

£214.26 inc VAT

Rolls 6-FS-260

£239.46 inc VAT

Rolls 12-FS-135

£294.89 inc VAT

Rolls 6-FS-350

£321.85 inc VAT

Rolls 6-FS-300

£335.29 inc VAT

Rolls 6-FS-450

£359.24 inc VAT

Rolls 6-FS-400

£362.14 inc VAT

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